Thursday, 1 March 2012

"On September 6th we want to know – How are you InvesTED in Algonquin Park?"

The TEDxAlgonquinPark event will be embracing the theme of InvesTED by focusing on the ways conservation, recreation and forestry groups have contributed and plan to contribute to the area in the future. Canada’s oldest provincial park is a place of inspiration to some, and a livelihood to others. Perhaps you are a seasoned camper, or maybe just a first time hiker to the Barron Canyon lookout. You could have passed through on Highway 60 with your camera ready, hoping to see a moose. Some of you may have a deep understanding of this diverse land as an explorer and protector of the parks ecosystem or rich cultural heritage. Maybe you have called Algonquin Park home while attending a summer camp, working in the industrial logging sector, or performing wildlife research. Although Algonquin Park means something different to each of us we are all deeply invested; physically, emotionally, and financially.

Recreation thrives in this popular tourist destination as we invest in our own well-being and create opportunities to experience and celebrate nature. Conservation of the park’s flora and fauna is an investment towards new life, growth, and understanding through environmental and wildlife research. Sustainable resource management and economic benefits are achieved through investing in a managed forestry sector within the parks borders.  

September 6th marks a day to celebrate yesterday’s investments and to look ahead to investing in the future. We challenge you to view Algonquin Park in a new light in order to strengthen and share your investment. TEDxAlgonquinPark will serve as a vehicle of discussion, sparking new ideas towards amplifying this investment within each of us.   

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