Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Apply to Attend TEDxAlgonquinPark

As of today, we’re exactly 1 week and 3 months away from the big day, September 6th. The TEDxAlgonquinPark team is excited to see something that was originally just an idea, start to come together piece by piece. Over the next month, one of the most important parts of the day will come together – the audience!

From June 1-30, a short application will be available on our website under “Apply to Attend,” for people wishing to purchase a ticket to the event on September 6th. While the application process may at first seem odd, we’ve decided that due to three main factors, accessing tickets to the event via a short application made the most sense for TEDxAlgonquinPark.

  1. Space Limitations– Our venue only holds approximately 100 people, making this a very concrete limit to the number of people that can attend.
  2. TEDx Guidelines – At TEDx events around the world, the concept of curation is used to form a diverse and balanced audience. With only 100 seats, we felt that a first come first serve ticketing process wasn’t the fairest nor best way to encourage diversity. The curation process of having people demonstrate their interest in the event was deemed the best option.
  3. Commitment Level – With any event, there are a standard number of ‘no-shows,’ people that had good intentions of attending, but ]ed, other priorities came up, and they aren’t able to make it. Because of the distance of the venue from populations, if a ticket holder cannot make it to the event without prior notice, it will be very difficult for someone else to make it to the venue to enjoy the event. By taking the 15 minutes to fill out the application, you’ve demonstrated a level of commitment that says to us you’ll try your darndest to be there.

Obviously, this application process won’t be without its difficult decisions - we sincerely wish that everyone who wants to attend TEDxAlgonquinPark could buy a ticket and enjoy the event.

Who should apply?
Anyone interested in Algonquin Park and surrounding communities. You don’t need to be a prodigy to attend, we’re looking for people with all backgrounds. We’re looking for engaged people with their own ideas. Whether you’re a long time TED talk fan, your TEDxAlgonquinPark will be your first experience, we want you there! Don’t let the application process intimidate you – you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

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