Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lindsey and Lacey at TEDxRideauCanal

On May 22, two members of our organizing team attended TEDxRideauCanal held at the Arts Court Theatre in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. Lacey, Operations Lead and myself (Lindsey), attended this evening event.

The stage at TEDxRideauCanal
CREATive Social Change was the theme for the evening. From walking in the doors to long after we walked out, our creative juices were flowing. “…we will explore what is creativity, how to apply creativity to improve problem solving and decision-making, and how it can help us discover purpose and help us engage in meaningful expression in our society..."

Helping us to explore how we have and can use creativity for social change were:
  • Alexandra Badzak - The Space Between: Art and Social Change
  • Bruce Linton - More Than Just Great Potlucks
  • David Rhynas - Climate Change at a Crossroads
  • Jessica Smith - Create Storytelling for Community Development
  • Jeff Mosher - Unlocking Creativity & the Age of Folk Design

(You can view their speaker bios here.)

Learn more about their event as well as other TEDx events online at www.ted.com and www.tedxrideaucanal.ca.

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