Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What is TEDxAlgonquinPark?

TEDxAlgonquinPark is an independently organized community event, designed to spark new ideas and conversations. This one day event will have 6-7 speakers presenting ideas relating to the topics of Recreation, Conservation and Forestry, plus performances from various local artists. These topics are too vast to properly explain to an audience in one day, so rather than trying to explain the topic in its entirety, speakers are being sought with an idea relating to the topic, than can be easily explained in 20 minutes (might be very specific, or more broad).

TEDx conferences are modeled after the original annual TED conferences which are week long conferences featuring experts from around the world. Talks from the original TED conferences are available at TED.com and highlight ideas from some of the world’s leading minds on any topic from neurosurgery to history. TEDx conferences (the x denotes an independently organized event) were created to bring that energy and innovation to a community level.

TEDxAlgonquinPark has three primary objectives:
  1. Promote the park’s surrounding communities and their rich heritages
  2. Develop and stronger sense of community spirit by creating an event that the local communities are involved in and can take pride in.
  3. Provide the audience with a more well-rounded view of the park by highlighting ideas in forestry, as well as conservation and recreation.

A TEDx conference is an ideal vehicle for these goals because of the atmosphere of new connections and ideas. We hope to introduce the audience to new ways of thinking about the park and their local communities. TEDx events customarily provide a positive environment in which to do this, and we are taking measures to keep the event positive and non-political.

Sunset at Little Otterslide Lake

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