Thursday, 8 March 2012

Student Employment in Algonquin Park

Summer students make up the majority of employees from the months of May to September, in Algonquin Provincial Park. There are various jobs that summer students’ fill such as maintenance, children’s programs, office administration, customer service, visitor centre, guided nature walks, interior works, staff house employees and Wardens. Without summer students, Algonquin Park would not be able to function.

Summer students have the option to stay on site in various staff houses throughout the park. Most students chose this option because of the ‘close knit’ community atmosphere that is created. The students become family for the summer. Most are not from the area and travel home on days off can be difficult so staff spend a lot of time together. Students who apply and work at Algonquin Park have similar characteristics; they all enjoy the outdoors, they appreciate nature and share their love for Algonquin Park. The staff houses are double occupancy and common eating and lounging areas. Because staff share similar qualities and live quite close together, friendships are formed fast. 

The park offers many amazing opportunities for students on their off hours. Being in the heart  of the largest and most diverse provincial park in Ontario, students have access to beautiful nature just outside their front door.  Students are able to hike all trails found in the park, swim in the many lakes, take back country trips, canoe or kayak throughout the streams, lakes and rivers, take in many of the organized events throughout the summer and so much more.  How could you NOT want to be a part of that!  In the evening students may relax at a bonfire and visit with their neighbouring staff house residents. 

                                                                 View from the 'Beaver'

There is also the option to work as an interior employee.  These students are able to fly in the ‘Beaver’ (the Park’s famous yellow air plane) to interior campsites and trails. Students camp out in the interior while working to maintain the trails of the interior sites.  Students who enjoy the moon-light, being one with nature, and don't mind ‘thunder boxes!’ (which are interior outhouses) are made for this unique job. 

Someone who hasn’t worked as a summer student in Algonquin Provincial Park will never truly understand why Algonquin Park has such a pull on the students to return for many years.  Each student has an individual, amazing experience that keeps them coming back for more. Students return to the park year after year for the obvious reasons!  The students create life-long friends and memories. If you get the opportunity to talk to a summer student while visiting the park, ask them why they love the Park!

                                                                      Mew Rapids

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  1. Algonquin Park (Algonquin's largest outfitter for 50 years), is also hiring for seasonal and fulltime careers at many of their locations including Oxtongue Lake and Lake Opeongo locations.

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    • Huntsville, Oxtongue, Opeongo - 2012 Qualified Paddling Instructor / Guides
    • Lake Opeongo - 2012 Summer Outfitting & Retail Staff
    • Minden - 2012 Summer Retail Staff
    • Oxtongue Lake - 2012 Summer Outfitting & Retail Staff
    • Oxtongue Lake - 2012 Summer Reservations Clerk
    • Port Carling - 2012 Summer Retail Staff