Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Pikwakanagan Pow Wow

This past weekend Golden Lake came alive with the annual Pikwakanagan Pow Wow.

This woman danced with exuberance and grace. She had beautiful footwork and arm movements.

The man who stamped our hands at the entrance with his mother beside him said “Welcome to the Pow Wow “. His sincere words were powerful. It was a day of inclusion. 

Many times throughout the day everyone was welcome to take part

The community was filled with the sounds of drums and the lively colours of the dancers’ regalia. The dancers hopped, skipped and spun around the circle followed by enraptured eyes. Children, parents and grandparents all took part in the dances. People were invited to participate.
Children enrobed in colorful regalia prove themselves to be lovely dancers

You could feel the spirituality.The blessings of the great spirit.

An elegant aboriginal woman at the pow wow

The good food for sale included pemmican, frybread and other specialties. Beautiful jewellery, leather purses,moccasins, clothing and other wares were for sale by craftsmen.
An example of the beautiful beading for sale

It was great to see so many people gathered together, native and non native from near and far flung places. Thank you to the Pikwakanagan reserve and all the organizers and participants. Through shared experiences a greater respect and understanding is achieved. It was a wonderful day at Golden Lake.  

Two men wearing wolf headdresses at the gathering

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